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Society for Philosophy and Psychology: Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Society for Philosophy and Psychology will be held on the campus of University of Texas at Austin. Cristine Legare is the local host for this year’s meeting.

The invited speaker line-up is outstanding:


Susan Gelman (University of Michigan)
Joe Henrich (Harvard University) 
Doug Medin (Northwestern University) 
Jonathan Schaffer (Rutgers University)

Presidential Address

Laurie Santos (Yale University)


  • Communicating Philosophy and Psychology with Art Markman and Simine Vazire
  • Causation and Alternatives with Bob Spunt, Tobias Gerstenberg, Joshua Tennenbaum, and Chris Hitchcock
  • Epistemology and Theory of Mind with Hyo Gweon, Jennifer Nagel, Alia Martin, and Paul Harris
  • Experimental Semantics and Pragmatics with Noah Goodman, Kathryn Davidson, Angelika Kratzer, and David Beaver
  • Prosociality and Empathy with Paul Bloom, Felix Warneken, and Mina Cikara

Preconference Workshop June 1: Transformative Experience and the Self

Organized by Laurie Paul and Fiery Cushman
Preconference speakers include: Dan Bartels (Northwestern), Paul Bloom & Christina Starmans (Yale), Molly Crockett & Alek Chakroff (Oxford/Boston College), Alison Gopnik (Berkeley), June Gruber & Sona Dimidjian (Colorado), Tania Lombrozo & Daniel Wilkenfield (Berkeley), Shaun Nichols & Nina Strohminger (Arizona/Yale), Kristina Olson (Washington), and Laura Schultz, Joshua Tenebaum & Tomer Ullman (MIT)

The College of Liberal Arts and the Departments of Philosophy, Linguistics, and Psychology are sponsoring this exciting event.

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