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Cognitive Development Society Conference

Invited to give Presidential Address titled, "The ontogeny of cultural learning"

Columbus, OH
The Cognitive Development Society (CDS) provides a scholarly forum for the wide range of scholars, practitioners, and others who are interested in change and continuity in the intellectual processes that support mental life. Some CDS members are concerned with basic research or theory; others focus on policy issues and practical applications. Our range of interests includes cognitive development during all phases of life, and we seek to understand ontogenetic processes in both humans and nonhumans. Our interests encompass typical as well as atypical development, and we attempt to characterize both biological and cultural influences on cognitive change and continuity.

The structure of the meeting affords a common experience for all participants by including two plenary lectures, two invited symposia, and four plenary poster sessions. The rest of the program is composed of submitted symposia and oral papers with no more than four concurrent events at any time.

Plenary Speakers
Carol Dweck, Stanford University
Janet Werker, University of British Columbia

Invited Symposia

Beyond WEIRD Science: Broadening our Cultural Perspective on Cognitive Development
Cristine Legare, University of Texas, Austin
Geoff Saxe, University of California, Berkeley
Sandra Waxman, Northwestern University
(Organized by Amanda Woodward)

Living in Pasteur's Quadrant: Four Examples of Advancing Cognitive Development by Researching Real Educational Problems
Catherine Haden, Loyola University Chicago
Susan Levine, University of Chicago
Kelly Mix, Michigan State University
Vladimir Sloutsky, Ohio State University
(Organized by David Uttal)

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